Jeff Lalich

Hi, Jeff Lalich! I’m just a Boy from Oregon that grew up on a Farm, Loves Nature, and Want to do my part to Educate and Make Sustainability Simple for All!

Building Sustainability Basics

Making Green not Garbage

Zero Waste Program Management

Renewable Energy and Engery Efficiency

Commercial Solar Energy Project Manager

Saving Water

Using Technology to Maximize this Resource

My Story:

Growing up in Oregon nature was always around us, from the Farm to the Chilly Oregon Coast. As I moved around the World and spent my time in the US Air Force I realized just how fast our Population was growing, along with all the Pollution. After building the Environmental and Sustainability Programs at Tesla Motors, I know there were other companies out there who had faced the same issues in creating a Sustainable Product or Workplace. I also wanted to work more with Communities in order to make Sustainability Simple for Everyone.

My Approach:

The Modern Day Environmental Movement is about Action and Traction.  Sustainability needs to be Simple for Companies and Consumers, and there is no right or wrong way to deliver this message. I love to Educate and Collaborate with Like-Minded Environmental Experts to deliver Entertaining Digital and Interactive Programs that Engage any Audience to get involved.

Let’s Find Your Solution:

I believe Sustainability is not just a “Buzz-Word” but a way for our Buildings and the People in them to Operate Safely while taking care of our Environment in the process. This process can be Profitable for your Businesses Bottom Line but also for our Planet. We’ll show you how you can greatly improve your Efficiency, Save Resources, and Create a Profitable Sustainability Program Together.

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Sustainability E-Book Series

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